Need a Fake Doctors Note?

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Fake Dr Note

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Need a Fake Doctors Note?

A replica or “fake” doctor’s note can be a convenient and low-cost way to get permission. But before you decide to use one, there should be much consideration.

After all, while there are a number of positives to using a fake doctor’s excuse, there is also a wide range of potential negatives. Let’s have a look at some of the most common factors.

The Positives And Negatives Of Using A Printable Doctors Note


Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a replica doctors excuse is that it gets you out of school or work without the high costs of a medical visit. And this isn’t simply a matter of dishonesty. In many cases, an employer is in the legal right to request a doctor excuse in order to pay out on a sick day. But if you just needed a day out because of the flu, that doctor’s visit is a large and unnecessary expense, and it can even offset the money from the sick day.

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In the case of public schools, budgets continue to tighten, and attendance heavily affects a school’s ability to get federal funding. If a school gives each child three sick days, then they must have some form of proof to be excused, in terms of funding, for the fourth day and beyond. And this is where a replica doctors note comes in. It lets the school off the hook, and it lets your child take a day off without the school penalizing them.


Nevertheless, the situation can be considerably different at college. Colleges all have their own rules concerning attendance, and some professors are stricter about it than others are. Another unexcused sick day and the professor may be within his or her rights to fail you for the class. But if you lie and the professor catches you, then he could turn that over to the dean; at which point, the dean may decide to expel you.

Things can be even more serious in the workplace. If you decide to use doctors notes at your job and your employer catches you, they will likely terminate you immediately, and they would be within their legal right to do so. If you were to use a fake doctor’s excuse for insurance purposes and they caught you, you can face steep fines, and if the situation is severe enough, they may even be able to pursue criminal charges against you.