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Fake Doctors Note

fake doctors note

How do I get a Fake Doctors Note?

Sometimes it is just too difficult to get up in the morning, knowing that you are facing a day with too many responsibilities, or perhaps another boring day where you are just repeating what you have been doing the past days.

If you are feeling burned out from too many responsibilities, maybe a good day off will recharge you. This is when a fake doctor's note comes in handy, as with this excuse, you can simply go on a holiday without having to explain your actions.

Fake Doctor Note

People have been using fake doctors notes for years and for different purposes. Surprisingly, there are some who would use this because they were truly sick, but just could not afford to see a doctor, perhaps because it was inconvenient or because they do not have insurance to take care of their medical expenses. In most cases, however, a fake doctor's is used just to have a good excuse not to show up in class or at work for one reason or another. Whether the reason is a valid one or not, the person using these doctor's notes would get a day or two of rest or some extra time to take care of a personal business, or an important family matter.

Fake Doctor Notes

Doctors's Excuse?  Instant Download!

You will find different types of doctors' notes from free or paid sites in the Internet. If you are really cash-strapped, you could settle for sites offering free doctor's notes, but often these would not be in letterheads (meaning no address or contact number), which the person you are giving this to could verify.

For a few more bucks, you can get an authentic looking doctor's note that has the signature of a doctor, and the address of a doctor's office. Get a fake doctors note from a site that offers a money back guarantee, in case there are problems later on. You get to choose what kind of doctor's note would work for you - a note from a specialist such as a cardiologist, an ENT or a urologist. For most people, a doctor's note from an ER doctor works best, because it explains the sudden emergency that caused their absence.

It may seem dishonest for some people to use fake doctor's notes, but for some, these notes are their saviors, when they need a way out of a sticky situation. Most would find some relief from not having to make up other reasons for their absence. People who do a lot of multi-tasking like working moms, for example, find that paying for a doctor's note can buy them a day or two which they can just spend as they please, either for their own relaxation or just a lazy day at home with the kids.